Bismillah Al Rahman Al Raheem

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O Lord, cause me to enter a goodly entrance and cause me to go out a goodly exit, and grant me from you an authority to assist (me).


O Lord, expand for me my breast, make my task easy for me. Loose the knot of my tongue, that they may understand my speech

(T’AHA: 25 to 28)


An Egyptian Education…

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How to keep the kids in line… properly….

Over the last few years, my search for a decent school for my children in Egypt can only be described as harrowing. I’ve had thoughts of leaving the country just to ensure they gain a proper education. Any semi-decent international school in Egypt costs an arm and not one, but two legs. As a single mother of two (big whoop for deadbeat fathers), those were not even an option, even WITH a teachers discount. Hello Egypt….?! Ever heard of financial aid? Get with the program already…

The affordable, national, private schools I did find were, well, national. I literally went through culture shock and back as I had experiences of school principals with sticks (yes, in order to discipline the children, see picture above… incidentally the same man joked, I think, about using tazers on the older kids) or curriculums that were so localized the children grew up knowing nothing outside the bubble that is Egypt (in terms of history and geography… or anything else, really). My children’s English suddenly turned foreign to my ears as they started imitating their teachers and mispronouncing, nay, butchering words. Examples….? Kilass (class), smoll (small), toll (tall), boll (ball), liyenne (line), shoogar (sugar), baraake (break), mellated (melted) and calf and Wednesday were pronounced as they are spelled…. take a minute to say those out loud, it’s really something…

And what they picked up in Arabic can only be described as, well, from Bola2 (the ghetto). My usually well-spoken daughter to her brother at some point: “Ta3ala henna ya 2oz3a…!”, which can only be translated as “Come here, shorty”…. !?!?!?!?!?!…. On a side note, my kids were at least speaking Arabic, which they weren’t at the beginning of the school year, so, silver lining.

All this aside, of course, is the illogical, irrational, and really when it comes down to it, right down CRAZY “religious” teaching they had… all from the “ministry” of course (I feel like I live in a Brave New World… or the Hunger Games, except they keep us in line by providing the masses with crap education instead of forcing a few of us to kill each other, which is the same, really, when you think about it). Whenever the kids in “kilass” would misbehave, the teacher would raise her voice (because, after all, what are we teaching our children if we are not constantly screaming at them until we are red in the face…. that’s right, nothing) and say:

“Now children, what happens if we don’t listen to our teachers and parents?”

And these beautiful, innocent, young things would answer, in unison “WE’LL ALL GO TO HELL!”…..

I also experienced heads of schools walking into the examination rooms and filling out tests for the children, and was “ordered” by the owner of one particular school to pass a girl who had not even been present the day of the exam.

Maybe the attitude here is well, you get what you pay for. But these were all examples of schools that are considered EXPENSIVE by the general Egyptian population, as they are after all, private. But for someone like me who, was educated abroad, care about my Egyptian roots, and really, want the best of both worlds, there are no affordable options. There are, however, options that might entail me selling one of my children in order to pay for the other one (bad joke, child trafficking/slavery is bad, don’t do it).

Until I found GREEN COMMUNITY SCHOOL. Yes, I tricked you into reading this to advertise… I’m sneaky like that.

Although it hasn’t fully launched yet (classes start October 15th, registration is now, first 15 students to register don’t have to pay registration fees), this national school is GOLD. If you put your kids in Green Community School, you get to keep your arm AND both your legs, and in return, your kids get a top-notch “international” education. The owners have had a wide range of experience opening schools with an affordable state-of-the-art education around the world, and have a very specific vision of applying a technologically motivated international curriculum starting with the pre-K years. Furthermore, the new campus is located in an area that is so (you guessed it!) GREEN, one forgets one lives in Egypt. The sky line is literally filled with palm trees… LITERALLY.

So parents, this little piece of heaven is, in my opinion, the best option out there for our children. You shouldn’t have to pay with your own limbs for an education that will consequently lead to your children picking up spoiled mannerisms, wanting an iPad at the age of 5, and not learning their native language properly.

Say it with me GREEN COMMUNITY SCHOOL: the smart and affordable choice. Check out my Facebook page for more info, or visit, like, and share the GREEN COMMUNITY SCHOOL page.

Let’s Take a Breather…

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Let’s take a breather and read some new contentions. I have only one comment, and that is “Word…!”….

You will only discover what you truly wish for when you wish for what is best for other human beings.

Tawheed is to heed the Tao.

Life is a dress rehearsal.

Modernism: Islam is ease, and nothing but ease.

Fight to impose God’s justice, not His truth.

Works? Art? Metaphysics? Islam is one thing alone: give your heart to God.

Salvation is submission to the Universal.

If you seek the joy of compassion, crush the joy of the ego.

Your weakness is in proportion to the number of things you crave.

If you luxuriate in your humility, it is pride.

I’ve missed my contentions…

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Posting a lecture by Abdal Hakim Murad made me remember his contentions and how I haven’t posted some in a while….

The world is the coagulation of mercy; so we are required to be.

Life is vocation, not vacation

Only by love is the Prophet seen

The worst arrogance is the one that yields a sort of humility.

The zealot is wrong, even when he is right.

  ‘Prayer was instituted to satisfy woman’s desire for asking.’ (British Muslim proverb.)

 The Truth can be lived; it cannot be thought.

Religion is only worth doing when it is better than opera.

 Putting religion before family is impossible.

 It is better to be guilty of something than to be guilty of nothingness

Despair is the worship of necessity

What is the situation in which gratitude is inappropriate?

Not every male superiority is female inferiority.

The ruin of the heart lies in denying the desire for obedience.

For which is He more to be praised: for His blessings, or for His forbearance in the face of our refusal to give thanks for them?



Abdal Hakim Murad…

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Abdal Hakim Murad was one of the keynote speakers at the Fairtrade launch and gave a short speech on economic justice in modern times. Enjoy!



“Et Tu, Jazeera?”…

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Opinion article I wrote about how the western media presented the recent terrorist attacks in Norway for EMAJ Magazine thanks to my cousin Hanan!

“The Seventeen Benefits of Tribulation”…again

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This is easier to listen to, seems you had to sign in to access the other one I sent so here it is again in 8 parts conveniently pre-organized for you, absolutely worth the time!

“The Seventeen Benefits of Tribulation”

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This lecture by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I’ve also attached a link to the transcript so you can read along as well. Enjoy Insha Allah.

“The Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace, was someone who went through unparalleled hardship, and yet he never allowed any difficulties to perturb him. In one very powerful and condensed session, Hamza Yusuf explains why. Commenting on the treatise of the seventh century scholar Izz ibn Abdus-Salam, he reveals 17 benefits of tribulations for those who would see them. Not only will this lecture completely transform your outlook on calamities, but it will also leave you in total awe of Allah’s magnanimity and infinite mercy.”



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